Citizen CL-S621

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Label Printers Citizen CL-S621


CL-S621 Barcode thermal transfer printer

Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
423,12VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
591,65VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
612,78VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
572,74VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
735,03VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
586,92VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
749,20VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
739,28VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
725,09VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
581,72VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
450,50VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
602,85VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
674,36VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
836,64VAT Included
Label Printer Citizen CL-S621
826,72VAT Included


The powerful CL-S621 offers unparalleled versatility in the class of desktop thermal printers.
Capable of direct-printing and thermal transfer, the CL-S621 features a 360-meter tape for increased productivity and reduced downtime.
Citizen's unique Metallic Hi-Lift mechanism provides easy access to media and / or tape loading, and the Adjustable Support Sensor can handle a wide range of label configurations including medical standard and pediatric wristbands.
The powerful 32-bit RISC on-board processor offers exceptional performance and a first fast label.
The CL-S621 is standard with internal, parallel and serial interfaces. Optional, Ethernet and Wifi interfaces are also available.


  • Powerful 32-bit RISC processor
  • Thermal transfer or direct thermal printing
  • Tape at 360 meters
  • Standard and pediatric physician
  • Capable wristband
  • Metal Hi-Lift ™ printing mechanism
  • Standard internal, serial and parallel
  • USB Interfaces
  • Internal Ethernet and Wireless LAN
  • Network Options
  • Average capacity of 5 inches(125 mm)
  • Emulations available Zebra® and Datamax®
  • Navi with Windows ™ XP and Vista drivers
  • Label creation software included
  • Active belt control and positioning system
  • Internal power supply
  • One year warranty


  • Health care
  • Pharmacy labeling
  • Postal Service
  • Labeling of the product
  • Inventory control
  • Tracking assets

Ribbons and labels:

  • Ribbon compatible with 360-meter desktop printers
  • Printing on thermal paper, thermal paper, vellum, coated paper and synthetic materials


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