Toshiba B-FV4T

Code: 18221168794

428,06VAT Included€ 350,87 + VAT 22%List: €680,76Save: €252,70

Label Printers Toshiba B-FV4T

Label Printer Toshiba B-FV4T; thermal transfer; ethernet 10/100 internal/rs-232 serial (db-9)/usb; display.

Toshiba B-FV4T - desktop Printer ; thermal transfer print; Interface:LAN/RS-232 SERIAL (DB-9)/USB; Resolution: 8 dot/mm (203 dpi); Speed: 152 mm/sec. Options: display.


    The B-FV4 desktop printer series immediately integrates with existing systems, regardless of print requirements or specifications.
    This series, with a compact, elegant and discreet design, has been designed to ensure the power and flexibility needed to support any environment and application. A truly universal printing solution!
    Perfect performance:
    We have designed the B-FV4 series to offer you an all-round office assistant, perfect and silent, compact enough to adapt to the tightest spaces and with the flexibility to integrate into any environment. Elegant and refined but also robust and powerful. With a print speed of 6 inches per second, this printer can handle the most complex printing applications with extreme efficiency. Compared to the B-EV series, the new series of printers offers a 13% higher speed for printing the first label and a higher 8% speed for batch printing.
    Whatever the application in use, the B-FV4 series 'speaks your language' precisely to ensure perfect integration into the existing platform. With an exhaustive range of
    possibility of connectivity available as standard, this printer, with unparalleled versatility, integrates all the features necessary to respond to the most diversified printing needs. A universal solution. Whatever the method of printing, direct thermal or with thermal transfer ribbons, simply choose the options suitable for the application in use.
    A full range of features, either standard or optional, ensures the versatility needed to support a wide range of local and remote applications. Additional features include:
    • Managed printing services
    • USB memory support
    • Versions at 203 or 300 dpi
    • Cutter options
    • Peel-off module
    • Emulations / BCI (Basic Command Interpreter)


    • Compact and elegant
    • Complete range of serial interfaces
    • Emulation capacity
    • Easy to use and simplified maintenance
    • Low energy consumption
    • 300 m tape
    • Managed printing services



    • Desktop
    • Thermal Transfer
    Label widht
    • 108 mm.
    • Ethernet 10/100 internal
    • RS-232 Serial (DB-9)
    • USB
    • 8 dot/mm (203 dpi)
    • 152 mm/sec
    • Included
    • Display
    • with editing software
    Media Type
    • Label
    • Receipt
    Machine body
    • no healthcare


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