Zebra ZC100

Code: ZC11-0000000EM00

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Card Printers Zebra ZC100

Zebra ZC100, single sided, 12 dots/mm (300 dpi), USB

Zebra ZC100, single sided, 12 dots/mm (300 dpi), USB

    ZC100 - Zebra card printer

    Whether your customers need to print one-sided employee identity badges or guest and event cards, the quality of the card printer affects their business, from the image of the brand to the productivity of staff, to operational efficiency general and operating costs.
    Now, there's a new type of card printer designed to tackle everything: the ZC100. Our award-winning industrial design team has revamped the traditional card printer with hardware and software advancements that create a complete cardprint solution. Your customers have a simple and revolutionary technology, a perfect design, a kit of additional features that make ZC100 even easier to integrate, use and manage.
    10 reasons why the ZC100 is at the top of its class:
    10 reasons why the ZC100 is at the top of its class
    ZC100 is reconfigured to work right out of the box. There's no time for complicated installation: your customers can simply connect and get started
    reap the benefits on the day their printer arrives.
    The ingenious card feeder manages the thickness of the cards on the fly.
    Only the ZC100 has an advanced card feeder that instantly adapts to the thickness of each card - no more adjustment for different stocks of cards.
    New revolutionary hopper design
    The completely redesigned hopper of the ZC100 simplifies the card loading and unloading operations. With the sedan-style exit doors, there's nothing to open - just take a card or the entire stack of cards.
    And unlike other printers in its class, the ZC100 input and output hoppers have the same capacity, reducing the need to fill and empty hoppers.
    Changing a tape has never been so simple and without complications
    • The newly designed ZC100 ribbon door retainer can be unlocked and opened in one movement.
    • The exclusive handle of the door handle leaves no doubt as to how to remove or insert the ribbon.
    • Perfect adhesion ensures that the tape is installed correctly.
    • Built-in smartchips allow customers to know when to change the tape.
    Pleasant appearance and thinner profile in its category
    ZC100 has the good looks of the consumer required to adapt to customer areas. And with its small footprint, thinner profile and minimum height in this class of printers, the ZC100 has been designed to fit as many seats as possible.
    All the connectivity options you need
    In addition to USB 2.0 (standard), the ZC100 offers optional Ethernet and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, allowing your customers to offer anyone who needs instant access to card printing, maximizing printer usage.
    Monochrome print in color and fast monochromatic
    We took a good thing and we improved it. The ZC100 prints up to 30% faster in black and white and 15% faster in color than its predecessor, Zebra ZXP Series 1 card printers. And the ZC100's print speeds are among the fastest in its class.
    Advanced security features
    ZC100 offers more security features than any other printer in its class:
    • Locking the Kensington printer cover prevents cardboard theft.
    • Encryption of government-level AES data protects sensitive data during printing.
    • Printer-to-host authentication to prevent printing from unauthorized applications or devices.
    New innovative driver with a graphical user interface
    The intuitive interface of the new ZC100 driver makes card printing easier than ever. A visual display of the card allows users to immediately see how their card looks and how changes in settings affect the design of the card, eliminating the time and cost of repeatedly printing test cards.
    We speak the language of your client
    Workers can interact with ZC100 in their native language with driver support for multiple languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Arabic.





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