HOW TO install desktop printers and Zebra Designer 3 (in Windows OS)
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Modern computers can automatically detect connected printers, but in extraordinary circumstances this may not happen. In this article we will see, therefore, how to manually install a desktop printer and the software for labels creation, the Zebra Designer 3.


How to install the printer

To install the printer, first install the drivers.

At the following link you can find the Zebra Setup Utilities.

Click "Accept and begin download now"

Wait for the download to finish, open the executable and follow the wizard.

Then go to "This PC" (Windows 10) / "My Computer" (Windows 7).

Click on an empty part of the window with the right mouse button and click "Properties": on the appearing window click on "Control Panel starting page"

On the control panel "Printers and devices"

Right-click on an empty part of the window and select "Add printers and devices".

In the window that opens, select the printer you want to install and follow the wizard.


Install Zebra Designer 3

Download the software at the following link by clicking on "Accept and begin download now".

Wait for the download to finish, open the downloaded executable and follow the guided procedure.

Start the software and click on "Create new label".

Follow the wizard.

Snap Team

Snap Team