Snap Hardware Sales Conditions

All products for sale by Snap Srl. are covered by original warranty of manufacturer validon Italian field and by 24 months warranty for lack of conformity, according to Italian DL 24/02. To take advantage of warranty assistance, the Customer must keep the invoice (or the delivery note) which will receive with purchased product. 

Product warranty will be provided according to the methods illustrated in the documentation included in the product's package. If returning back to the Customer a warranted product could not be possible for any reason (restored or replaced), Snap Srl will proceed on its own discretion to pay back the full amount paid or to replace the purchased product with another one with equal or higher features.

No damage can be charged to Snap Srl for eventual delays in repairs or replacements.

When the warranty is implemented by the product return, the good will be returned by the Customer in the original package, with all its parts (packaging and eventual documentation and accessories included: manuals, cables, ecc...); we recommend to box the original package in a second package to limit its damages; it must always be avoided the attachment of labels or tapes directly on product's original package.