Epson TM-T70II

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Label Printers Epson TM-T70II

Epson TM-T70II, USB, Ethernet, dark grey

Epson TM-T70II, USB, Ethernet, dark grey

    TM-T70II - Epson printers

    Reliable POS thermal printer with controls positioned entirely on the front and which can easily be placed under the counter thanks to its compact design TM-T70II is a reliable thermal printer for receipts with commands and loading of paper positioned in the front. Thanks to its small footprint and accessible buttons, it is suitable for installation under the counters, and with its high printing speed of 250 mm per second and borderless printing allows customers to be served quickly, without having to constantly replace the paper roll.

    Easy to Use Ideal for restaurants, retail outlets and accommodation facilities, this POS printer for receipts can easily be placed under the counter as it is as tall as most coin holders, saving on counter space. Thanks to the wide range of connection possibilities (USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi), this receipt printer offers the flexibility to be installed and managed in the most convenient position. Wires and cables are also protected thanks to the optional splash-proof cover.

    Long service life This receipt printer is ideal for dynamic work environments that require high volume printing at the same quality. It also offers an improved printing mechanism life of up to 17 million lines, as well as a 120 km print head life cycle, and is equipped with an automatic cutter that can perform up to 1.7 million cuts.

    Cost savings Thanks to the borderless printing function, you can use all the space on the receipt. This not only saves money by printing multiple rolls per roll, but also represents an eco-sustainable solution and added value for your business.



    • Front controls
    • Loading front paper
    • High printing speed Up to 250 mm per second
    • Minimum size
    • Installable under most of the counters
    • Grayscale printing
    • Adding logos and images to prints
    • Desktop
    • Direct Thermal
    • Not included
    • No
    Media Type
    • Receipt

    Epson TM-T70II

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