Zebra MC3300

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Handheld Computers/PDA Zebra MC3300

Zebra MC3300 Standard, 1D, BT, Wi-Fi, Func. Num., ESD, PTT, Android

Zebra MC3300 Standard, 1D, BT, Wi-Fi, Func. Num., ESD, PTT, Android


    The robustness of Zebra's new MC3300 mobile computer is out of the question. This device can withstand falls from 1.5 meters high and 1,000 impacts from rolling from a height of 1 meter. It is IP54 certified for protection against dust and liquids, and the touch screen is made of Gorilla Glass scratch-resistant glass. In addition, it has an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic that makes it suitable also for use in stores. Choose the mobile computer that offers your company the best of both worlds.
    With Zebra's new MC3300 mobile computer, corporate connectivity leaps forward instantly. This is because it allows colleagues to communicate immediately from anywhere in the corporate structure, thanks to the WorkForce Connect app with Wi-Fi connectivity and Push-to-Talk functionality. Choose the mobile computer that connects you with higher levels of efficiency, productivity and business profitability.
    With the new Zebra MC3300 mobile computer you will improve your business thanks to an easy transition to the best operating system for companies: Android. With Zebra, switching to Android is easy, immediate and with minimal impact for end users. Plus, you can count on the unbeatable Zebra OneCare support for 10 years. Choose the mobile computer that evolves - and grows - together with your company.
    In terms of real productivity, the MC3300 is second to none. WorkForce Connect's Push-to-Talk functionality and Wi-Fi connectivity allow colleagues to communicate instantly, for example from the warehouse to the sales area. Hot-swappable batteries virtually eliminate downtime, so the workforce can operate without interruption from shift to shift. The MC3300 offers efficiency, connectivity and productivity in one innovative package. And all this is supported by the proverbial Zebra OneCare assistance.
    When we talk about better data capture from afar, we're serious - because the new Zebra MC3300 mobile computer captures data from distances up to 21 meters. It allows to manage low and high impact scanning scenarios, to perform reliable scans from short, medium and long distances and to accurately capture multiple barcodes with a single trigger pressure. Choose the mobile computer that puts you ahead of the competition.



    • SIZE: Straight tracking and 45 ° scanning: 7,96" length x 2,94" width x 1,35" depth; 202,2 mm (length) x 74,7 mm (width) x 34,5 mm (depth); Turret / swivel head: 8,79" length x 2,94" width x 1,35" prof.; 223,4 mm (length) x 74,7 mm (width) x 34,5 mm (depth); MC3300 pistol: 7,96" length x 2,94" width x 6,45" depth; 202,6 mm (length) x 74,7 mm (width) x 163,9 mm (depth)
    • WEIGHT: Straight tracking: 375 g; Turret / swivel girevole:377 g; Pistol:505 g; 45 ° scanning: 382 g
    • OPERATING SYSTEM: Android 7.0 (Nougat) - AOSP; GMS (selected configurations); CPU: "Qualcomm 8056 64 bit / 1.8 GHz hexa-core processor with energy optimization"
    • ROLLING IMPACT TEST: 1,000 impacts of 1 m
    • FALL TEST: "Repeated falls on concrete at 1.5 m across the entire operating temperature range"


    • Retail 
    • Production
    • Warehouse management