Zebra LS1203 ER

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Barcode Scanners Zebra LS1203 ER

Barcode Scanner Zebra-LS1203 ER; hand held.

Zebra LS1203 ER - Barcode reader hand held; laser tecnology for 1D / LINEAR CODES, code; Color Black. Base included in the stand (stand). Cable usb included. Interface KBW, RS232 DB9 (SERIAL), USB.

    LS1203 ER

    The LS1203 scanner offers high quality laser scanning, intuitive ergonomics and long life at a reasonable price. Its design is based on the requirements of small companies. It provides all the performance and functionality needed to significantly reduce input errors and increase productivity at the POS. Its reasonable price and easy installation make this scanner very attractive to many retail stores, such as gift shops, boutiques, jewelers and video stores.
    It is extremely robust and simple to use, which also makes it a good choice for applications in workshops, laboratories, pharmacies or offices.
    The device reads all commercial 1D barcodes and therefore meets all the requirements in retail and production. Its single-circuit board design and robust scanning element help the LS1203 effortlessly handle everyday use and the inevitable falls. The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic while all the other components are connected so as to make the scanner extremely resistant even to the most negligent uses. High reliability during daily use offers maximum availability and minimum maintenance costs. The multi-interface ensures that the scanner is also compatible with future POS systems.
    Its Plug and Play concept avoids problems starting from the installation level. No drivers or special software are required, regardless of the interface used. The scanner is easily configurable for specific requirements, with barcode tables or a software application. Thanks to its intuitive and ergonomic design, no specific training is required: users immediately know how to use the device.
    By choosing Zebra LS1203, as a partner, choose the world's leading provider of portable barcode scanners and mobile terminals. Millions of Zebra scanners are being used successfully by the largest chain stores in the world every day. Even the most durable device requires maintenance and assistance for which Zebra has developed an extensive service program. Zebra products help protect your investments and offer maximum performance.



    • Durable construction: single board construction; meets the stringent Zebra 5-foot drop test
    • Multiple interfaces:
    • RS232, USB, KBW (wedge keyboard) in one scanner
    • Ergonomic hybrid design characterized by an elegant, light and balanced form factor
    • High quality 1D laser scanner - choice between triggered or Auto-Scan ™ (continuos mode)




    • With cable
    • Hand held
    • KBW
    • RS232 DB9 (serial)
    • USB
    • Laser
    • Black
    • 1D / Linear codes
    Scanning angle
    • Horizontal 60°
    • Barcode
    • USB included
    Reading type
    • Istinctive (up to 25 cm.)
    IP Protection Class
    • Hermetically Sealed
    • Included in the stand (stand)
    • Not applicable
    Radio range
    • Not cordless
    Machine body
    • no healthcare
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    LS1203 ER

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