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Barcode Scanners Zebra Ds2278

Barcode Scanner Zebra-DS2278 SR; bluetooth, hand held.

Zebra DS2278 SR - Barcode reader bluetooth, hand held; area imager tecnology for 1D / LINEAR CODES, 2D / BIDIMENSIONAL CODES, code; Color Black. Base included (charger and data trasmission). Cable usb included. Interface USB.

    Handheld imagers DS2200 series (DS2208 - Corded/ DS2277 - Cordless)

    DS2200 series handheld imagers
    The 2D barcodes have now made their way into stores, appearing almost everywhere, from items purchased by customers to printed or electronic discount coupons and loyalty cards.
    If you have a 1D scanner that can not capture the new 2D codes, you will experience slowdowns in payment transactions and the prospect of frustrating customers in at least one of the store's main contact points. But with the DS2200 series, there's no way you can not acquire. It is a cost-effective 1D / 2D imager that however does not compromise on functionality. Your employees will be holding an industry-leading scanner capable of reading data the first time every time, simply by pointing it at the code to be captured. An imager that could not be easier to implement and manage. And you can choose the model that best suits your POS system needs: the DS2208 wired unit or the DS2278 cordless unit. * DS2200 Series: the right convenience for your budget, with the ease of use and management that your business needs
    Preconfigured and ready to use because the default settings are optimized for most scanning applications, you can start using the DS2200 Series imager as soon as you take it out of the box, without having to configure anything.
    Automatic host detection cables
    Just connect the DS2200 Series unit to your Point of Sale (POS) and the auto host detection cables will automatically identify the interface and connect the imager, simplifying and speeding up the configuration.
    Easy integration with tablet-based POS The DS2200 Series scanner offers all the features you need to add high-quality scanning to a tablet-based POS. The Micro-USB cable is an economical alternative for charging compared to a special housing. And with our simplified app development tools, you can easily configure and update the DS2200 directly from the tablet.
    At home anywhere in the world. With the support of 97 international keyboards, the DS2200 Series scanner is easy to implement in any country in the world.
    Easily customize settings with 123Scan
    This free software tool is so intuitive that even an inexperienced user can easily configure a DS2200 series imager. Using the wizard-based interface it's easy to incorporate all settings into a single programming barcode, which allows you to configure devices with a single scan.
    Backward compatible with Zebra LS2208 series cables
    If you currently use 1D Zebra LS2208 scanners, you can use the same universal cables with the DS2200 series, taking advantage of the investment in accessories you have already made to minimize the cost of upgrading to a 1D / 2D imager.
    Instant decoding with PRZM intelligent imaging technology
    The PRZM software decoding algorithms of the DS2200 series, exclusive to Zebra, ensure flawless performance with low quality bar codes. This results in scans that are always effective at the first attempt, with a consequent improvement in the productivity of the employees at the cash desks.
    Exceptional scanning range
    Workers can read barcodes over a wide operating range (from 1.23 cm to 36.8 cm), increasing the speed of payments and reducing learning time. 




    • Cordless
    • Bluetooth
    • Hand held
    • USB
    • Area imager
    • Black
    • 1D / Linear codes
    • 2D / Bidimensional codes
    Scanning angle
    • Horizzontal 32,8° Vertical 24,8°
    • Barcode
    • USB included
    Reading type
    • up to 13 cm.)
    IP Protection Class
    • IP42
    • Included (charger and data trasmission)
    • Not applicable
    Radio range
    • 10 m.
    Machine body
    • no healthcare
    Barcode Readers Accessories
    • Zebra CBA-U21-S07ZBR
      27,58VAT Included€ 22,61 + VAT 22%List: €34,48Save: €6,90

      Zebra Cable for readers CBA-U21-S07ZBR

      Zebra Cavo di collegamento, USB, schermato, lunghezza 2,1 m, diritto View Product Datasheet

    • Zebra PWR-WUA5V4W0EU
      32,67VAT Included€ 26,78 + VAT 22%List: €40,83Save: €8,16

      Zebra Power supply for readers PWR-WUA5V4W0EU

      Power supply, AC Input: 100-240V, 0.2A, DC Output: 5.2V, 1.1A, 5.7W, incl.: adapter plugs (EU, UK) View Product Datasheet

    • Zebra CR2278-PC10004WW
      186,06VAT Included€ 152,51 + VAT 22%List: €303,78Save: €117,72

      Zebra Accessories for readers CR2278-PC10004WW

      Zebra Base di ricarica/trasmettitore (il lettore nella base può essere utilizzato anche per la lettura a presentazione), bluetooth, colore: nero, adatto per: DS2278 View Product Datasheet

    • Zebra 20-71043-04R
      36,76VAT Included€ 30,13 + VAT 22%List: €45,95Save: €9,19

      Zebra Accessories for readers 20-71043-04R

      Zebra Stand, gooseneck, intellistand, black, fits for: DS4308, DS2208, DS8108 View Product Datasheet

    • Zebra CBA-K01-S07PAR
      19,08VAT Included€ 15,64 + VAT 22%List: €23,47Save: €4,39

      Zebra Cable for readers CBA-K01-S07PAR

      Zebra Cable KBW 7 ft, straight View Product Datasheet

    • Zebra CBA-R01-S07PBR
      25,93VAT Included€ 21,25 + VAT 22%List: €31,92Save: €5,99

      Zebra Cable for readers CBA-R01-S07PBR

      Zebra Connection cable, RS-232, length: 2.1 m, straight, power supply connector, TxD on PIN 2, TTL protection, order separately: power supply View Product Datasheet

    • Zebra STND-GS00UNC-04
      37,33VAT Included€ 30,60 + VAT 22%List: €45,95Save: €8,62

      Zebra Accessories for readers STND-GS00UNC-04

      Zebra Cradle, fit for LS2208, LI2208, LS4208, DS4208, DS4308, DS2208, DS8108 View Product Datasheet

    Palmtop Accessories
    • Zebra BTRY-DS22EAB0E-00
      44,59VAT Included€ 36,55 + VAT 22%List: €54,88Save: €10,29

      Zebra Batteries for terminals BTRY-DS22EAB0E-00

      Zebra spare battery View Product Datasheet

    • Zebra 25-MCXUSB-01R
      16,47VAT Included€ 13,50 + VAT 22%List: €20,58Save: €4,11

      Zebra Accessories for terminals 25-MCXUSB-01R

      Zebra USB connection cable, Micro-USB for charging the DS2278 on a USB port View Product Datasheet

    • Zebra Z1AE-DS2278-3C00
      46,08VAT Included€ 37,77 + VAT 22%List: €51,73Save: €5,65

      Zebra Contracts and licenses Z1AE-DS2278-3C00

      Zebra Service View Product Datasheet

    • Zebra Z1AE-DS2278-5C00
      125,40VAT Included€ 102,79 + VAT 22%List: €140,74Save: €15,34

      Zebra Contracts and licenses Z1AE-DS2278-5C00

      Zebra OneCare Essential, 5 years, purchased within 30 days, with comprehensive coverage, fits for: DS2278 View Product Datasheet



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