Zebra Z-Band Direct Ultrasoft in cartridge

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Wristband Zebra Z-Band Direct Ultrasoft in cartridge

Zebra Wristband Z-Band Direct Ultrasoft in cartridge

adehesive wristbands white coloured in synthetic soft material for direct thermal print, cartridge packed, 175 wristbands per cartridge.6 cartridges pack.

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    Z-Band Direct Ultrasoft 

    White, direct thermal polypropylene wristbands, with soft nylon lining. Soft Infant Z-Band wristbands have been specifically developed for new-born and premature infants.

    With a soft and flexible material construction, petite design and adjustable band length, Zebra’s Soft Infant Z-Band bar code printable wristbands make improving patient safety simple, even for the smallest patients.


    General features:

    • Ease of use, ribbon-less printing. Quick and easy to print and secure.
    • Available for desktop printers and Zebra’s HC100 printer with its unique wristband cartridge system.
    • Patent-pending antimicrobial coating, which test results show, effectively prevents the growth and survival of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Type II, Type III and Type IV S. in addition to S. aureus, P aeruginosa and E. coli, some of the leading causes of hospital infections.
    • Meets healthcare patient identification and safety requirements, removes risk of data left on ribbons and helps to prevent medication and blood transfusion errors.
    • Increased durability. The Z-Band Direct wristbands provide superior image durability and tensile strength.
    • Excellent print quality down to 5 mil narrow bar codes.
    • Latex-free, waterproof and resistant to smear, abrasion, alcohol, mild cleansers and more.


    • Identifying patients with delicate skin
    • Pediatric healthcare
    • Recommended for small users

    Printers and ribbons:

    • Does not require the use of the ribbon
    • Only available for the HC100 printer model