Zebra Z-Band Direct Soft baby in bobina

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Wristband Zebra Z-Band Direct Soft baby in bobina

Zebra Wristband Z-Band Direct Soft baby in bobina

synthetic adehesive wristbands white coloured for paediatric identification, roll packed(internal diameter 25, external diameter 127), 275 wristbands per coil. 6 coils pack.

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    Z-Band Direct Soft baby

    Wristbanding infants is a sensitive issue. While hospitals go to great lengths to properly identify infants, clinicians are also concerned with the comfort and durability of the bands. Zebra kept these challenges in mind when creating a complete line of wristbands for infants.
    Barcoded wristbands are the foundation for positive patient identification and the prevention of serious medical errors.
    Zebra thermal printers produce crisp, clear print quality on all wristbands, so barcodes scan quickly and reliably. Zebra offers several soft, comfortable infant wristbands to meet most hospital’s needs.


    General features:

    • Soft nylon material that is perfect for delicate skin
      •Adjustable design that fits the smallest patients
      •Flat surface print area to ensure ease of scanning 2" x 0.75" print area and a 0.5" x 6" band
      •Patent-pending antimicrobial coating that protects the wristband
      • Pressure sensitive, adhesive tab closure for quick and easy securement


    • Identifying children in hospitals
    • Identify smaller patients

    Printers and ribbon:

    • Does not require the use of the ribbon
    • Available in variants for desktop and healthcare printer models