Zebra Z-Band Direct Fun in cartuccia

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Wristband Zebra Z-Band Direct Fun in cartuccia

Zebra Wristband Z-Band Direct Fun in cartuccia

Zebra Z-Band Direct Fun - synthetic red wristbands cartridge packed, size 25x254 mm. 350 wristbands per cartridge. 6 cartridges pack.

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    Z-Band Direct Fun in cartridge

    Brightly coloured and durable, they’re both fun and practical, enabling cashless point-of-sale and access management.
    Using a Zebra® bar-code printer and direct-thermal Z-Band Fun or Z-Band Splash wristbands you can:
    • Reduce ticket fraud – and the revenue losses associated with counterfeits and theft
    • Z-Band wristbands are blank and don’t have value until they’re printed on demand
    • They can be printed with the guest’s name for access verification
    • They’re tamper-evident and non-transferable, and include everything paid for on one wristband
    • Improve transaction speeds. Employees simply scan a bar code instead of exchanging cash and working cash registers
    • Enhance each guest’s experience. Guests enjoy increased convenience and can be rewarded with special offers and benefits
    • Enjoy lower total cost of ownership compared to RFID wristbands. While bar-coded Z-Band Fun and Z-Band Splash offer cashless payment and patron data-capture benefits similar to RFID, the bar-coded bands cost significantly less


    General features:

    • Adhesive closure
    • One-day use
    • Minimal water exposure
    • Great for carnivals, amusement parks, fairs, festivals, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, sporting events, concerts and nightclubs


    • • Amusement parks
      • Theme parks
      • Water parks
      • Carnivals
      • Fairs / festivals
      • Zoos / aquariums
      • Sporting events
      • Concerts
      • Resorts
      • Cruise lines
      • Night clubs

    Printers and ribbon:

    • Does not require the use of the ribbon
    • Available only in the variant for the HC100 printer model