How to enable suffix on barcode reader Zebra LS2208
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How to Enable ENTER SUFFUX(or CR) on barcode  ZEBRA MOTOROLA LS2208


- Download user guide on this link  and print page 7-23

- scan the barcode corresponding to <DATA> <SUFFIX1> 

To configure ENTER SUFFIX:

- print page 7-21 and scan barcode SCAN SUFFIX 1

- print page 253  (appendix D) and scan barcode corresponding to 1 - 0 - 1 - 3 (ASCII code for ENTER)



Label Printer Zebra 170Xi4; direct thermal, thermal transfer; lan/parallel/rs232 db9 (serial)/usb
4411,96VAT Included
Label Printer Zebra GX420D; direct thermal; parallel (centronics)/rs-232 serial (db-9)/usb
427,06VAT Included
Barcode Scanner Motorola-LI4278; hand held, multi-use
428,33VAT Included
Label Printer Zebra ZQ510; direct thermal; bluetooth 4.0/nfc/usb
568,84VAT Included
Barcode Scanner Datalogic-Gryphon I GM4100; hand held
253,09VAT Included

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Michele Buffolino

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