Zebra Z-Select 2000T

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Labels Zebra Z-Select 2000T

Labels Zebra - Z-Select 2000T, size: 70 x 32

Zebra Z-Select 2000T - Labels; coated paper, packing roll, colour: white, adhesive: permanent, dimension: 70 x 32 mm., label roll number: 2100, packing with 4 pieces. Inner roll diameter: 25 mm. Outside roll diameter: 127 mm For use with desktop printers.

    134,83VAT Included
    531,83VAT Included
    1027,56VAT Included


    Zebra Z-Select 2000T, label roll, normal paper, 31x22mm

    15,42VAT Included€ 12,64 + VAT 22%List: €20,13Save: €4,71

    Z-Select 2000T - Permanent labels - Thermal transfer

    Z-Select 2000T, an ultra smooth coated white paper label stock, produces excellent quality images, especially rotated bar codes, graphics and small characters, at print speeds up to 305mm per second. Compatible with Zebra 2100, 2300, 5049 and 5319 ribbons for standard thermal transfer printing. Suitable for use with Zebra 3200 ribbon for applications requiring improved smear and scratch resistance.


    Key features:

    • 80 gsm smooth white coated paper
    • Adhesive: Permanent acrylic based
    • Liner: 65gsm Glassine liner


    • Labelling of packaging materials e.g. boxes, pallets in logistics applications
    • Picking and receiving labels in warehouse in logistics applications
    • Product identification
    • Work in progress labels
    • Shipping labels
    • Document tracking in government applications
    • Sterile services labelling in healthcare applications

    Ribbon and printer:

    • Recommended Zebra printers: desktop, mid-range and high-performance printers
    • Recommended Zebra Ribbons: 2100, 2300, 5049, 5319, 3200
    • Minimum application temperature: 0ºC
    • Service temperature range: -20ºC to 80ºC
    • Recommended storage conditions: One year duration when stored at 0ºC to 21ºC at 35% to 50% RH


    • Permanent
    Black mark
    • No
    • White
    • EZ-1100 (Godex)
    • EZ-1100P (Godex)
    • EZ-1105 (Godex)
    • EZ-1200 (Godex)
    • EZ-1300 (Godex)
    • EZ-1305 (Godex)
    • GC420T
    • GK420T
    • GT800
    • GX420T
    • GX430T
    • S4M
    • TLP2844
    • ZD500
    • ZT220
    • ZT230
    • Coated paper
    For use with
    • Desktop printers
    Hatch between labels
    • yes
    Inner coil diameter
    • 25 mm
    Outside coil diameter
    • 127 mm
    • Roll
    Print Type
    • Thermal Transfer
    Ribbon to use
    • wax-resin
    Size in mm (WxH)
    • 70 x 32
    • Coated paper
    • 1
    • Label
    • Compliance labeling
    • Documents Tracking
    • from 0°C
    • Labeling products and packaging in the external
    • Products identification
    • Shipments

    Customer reviews
    • 20 feb 2018
      good product
      they are labels to fasten mail shipments
    • 19 nov 2014
      Goo quality
      I'm satisfied of the product
      yes i'd reccomend it
    • 12 giu 2013
    • 07 mag 2013
      Great product, corresponding to the description on the website.
    • 11 apr 2013
      great product
      great performance
      i'd reccomend it
    • 28 gen 2013
      Good product

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