Zebra ZT610

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Label Printers Zebra ZT610

Label Printer Zebra ZT610; thermal transfer; bluetooth/ethernet 10/100/rs-232/usb; no options

Zebra ZT610 - business Printer ; thermal transfer print; Interface: BLUETOOTH/ETHERNET 10/100/RS-232/USB; Resolution: 24 dot/mm (600 dpi); Speed: 152 mm/sec. Options: no.

    Zebra ZT610

    In order to keep your critical operations unaltered, you must have high-performance industrial printing systems that can support your operating time both physically and technologically. Zebra's ZT610 and ZT620 advance the legacy of their industry leaders, the predecessors of the Xi series, delivering next-generation visibility, control and adaptability to meet your evolving needs, all with a robust durability and reliability of 24/7 you can expect from Zebra.
    The ZT600 series printers are designed to deliver superior print quality and speed in a wide range of applications. Get 24-hour reliability with a durable, high-quality, metal-based printing system, and take advantage of a 600 dpi print for smaller 3 mm labels.
    An advanced, easy-to-use design and Link-OS® applications simplify everything from configuration, integration, and everyday use to system management, maintenance and troubleshooting. In addition, compatibility with other print systems and technologies gives you the flexibility to customize your configuration to meet your growing needs.
    Get a useful insight into your operations with Link-OS applications and OVS / AVS (OVS / AVS) visibility services. If you are considering the printer's health, pushing firmware upgrades or routing work, these advanced features offer on-site and remote access and management capabilities, so you always stay under control.
    Adaptability is fundamental to any new technology investment. The ZT600 series printers offer field-ready communication modules, RFID encoding, and media management options, so you can add functionality as the systems evolve. Additionally, Link-OS applications facilitate advanced integration or replacement of existing systems as needed.
    Zebra's ZT600 Series printers are designed to meet your needs today, tomorrow and years to come, thanks to the best performance, ease of use, operational visibility and future adaptability.


    • Uninterruptible Reliability to Eliminate Dead Times: The ZT600 Series features extremely robust steel structural components that can withstand years of intensive use and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, moisture and other hostile conditions. Zebra's high-quality printing mechanisms and internal components, appreciated world-wide, deliver exceptional performance, quality and speed in the most varied applications.
    • Precision microprint for small quality labels of excellent quality: The ZT610 is ideal for labeling applications of electronic components, health products, jewelery and cosmetics. Thanks to high-precision recording, this printer can print uniform and accurate labels of up to 3mm at 600dpi.
    • Intuitive design for maximum ease of maintenance and troubleshooting: Every detail of the ZT610 and ZT620 printers has been designed to simplify user life. A standard color screen with an intuitive interface facilitates daily use of the machine. The color lighting of the media paths and ribbon simplifies routine maintenance, while lateral loading of the media eliminates any difficulty when loading the materials. The adjustable width of the media and the head pressure adjustment devices make it easy to support a greater number of applications. Integrated sensors, diagnostics and support documentation help you solve problems without having to ask for technical support. In addition, assisted instructions and feedback eliminate common mistakes and reduce manual adjustments, ensuring consistent print quality.
    • Complete standard and optional connectivity options for maximum flexibility of configuration: The ZT600 series offers virtually all connectivity options a customer may require. The standard options are serial, USB, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0. Parallel connectivity options, 802.11a / c, applicator port, IPv6, and Bluetooth LE are also available on request.
    • Link-OS ™ for perfect visibility, remote management and ease of use: For us, Zebra printers must be intuitive, integrated and easy to use, such as smartphones and other devices that allow us to remain connected when we are not at work. That's why we've created Link-OS, the ultimate intelligence for a printer. This exclusive software platform provides customers with visibility and control of real-time, real-time, real-time, unmatched, remote and cloud computing applications with cloud-accessible applications that simplify all operations, configuration, and troubleshooting. With Virtual Devices, the ZT600 series emulates non-Zebra printers to quickly integrate into existing systems. And since it is compatible with all the most common device management software, customers can choose the platforms and interfaces that best fit their specific needs.
    • Maximum adaptability to meet ever-evolving business and technology needs: The ZT610 and ZT620 models are perfectly retrofitted with all Xi series printers. In addition, they have two communication card slots, media management options such as cutters and spell-ins on the field, and two USB host ports for connecting peripherals.


    • Production
    • Labeling of finished components and products
    • Labeling of compliance
    • Labeling packaging
    • Goods labeling / warehousing
    • Materials being processed
    • Transport and Logistics
    • Picking / Packing
    • Fast sorting
    • Apply tags to pallets / goods
    • Healthcare
    • Laboratory labeling
    • Samples labeling
    • Drugs labeling
    • Tags and resource management
    • Usable with: iPad, iPhone, iPod


    • Business
    • Thermal Transfer
    Label widht
    • 114 mm.
    • Bluetooth
    • ethernet 10/100
    • RS-232
    • USB
    • 24 dot/mm (600 dpi)
    • 152 mm/sec
    • Included
    • No
    • Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad
    Media Type
    • Label