Zebra ZT510

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Label Printers Zebra ZT510


Industrial printer Zebra ZT510

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Industrial printer Zebra ZT510

Designed to achieve the ideal compromise between performance and affordability, the ZT510 offers all the basic functions of an industrial printer at an affordable price. Developed as an evolution of the previous industry-leading model, the Zebra 105SLPlus, the ZT510 is characterized by robust, proven design and chassis, coupled with advanced management and monitoring features. This ensures uninterrupted reliability to facilitate the smooth running of your business, plus longevity and advanced features to meet any challenge for years to come, all at a great price.
Reliability without interruptions to eliminate dead times:
Your printing systems must be able to support critical processes and always stay one step ahead of increasing needs. The ZT510 is equipped with the printing mechanisms and high quality internal components that characterize all Zebra models to ensure flawless performance without interruptions and exceptional print quality, virtually eliminating costly downtimes.
Unparalleled solidity in the most difficult conditions:
Thanks to the all-metal chassis, robust construction and sealed front panel buttons to keep out dust, dirt and moisture, the ZT510 is perfectly at home in modern production and warehouse environments, even the most hostile . This extremely solid work tool is designed to withstand years of uninterrupted operation, extreme temperatures, debris, hasty use and more.
A widely sustainable cost for your budget:
The ZT510 is perfect for cost-conscious companies because it delivers next-generation printing performance at a great price. It offers high-speed print, fast build, fast processing, advanced Link-OS ™ features and all the basic functions you need, without additional costs for unnecessary features. It is even ENERGY STAR® certified to further protect your profits.
Numerous connectivity options for a flexible configuration:
Equipped with a range of standard communication options including USB, Serial, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth® LE, the ZT510 is easy to integrate into existing systems and can be connected to a variety of networks. Optional parallel interfaces are also available, 802.11a / c with Bluetooth® 4.0, USB host and IPv6.
Adaptability to meet changing needs:
The ZT510 is designed to expand and change to meet your company's future needs by simplifying hardware upgrades, seamlessly integrating with popular device management software and facilitating software updates with easy-to-use Link-OS applications.
Additional features that improve performance:
From the fast processor that ensures high productivity even for complex graphics images to the optional USB host card slot easily accessible at the back of the printer, the ZT510 continuously optimizes performance. Allows you to easily and accurately switch from 203 dpi to 300 dpi for accurate media handling and quiet operation. In addition, dynamic QR codes offer additional on-demand, web-based support for fast resolution of printer errors.







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Label Printer Metapace L-42DT; direct thermal, thermal transfer; internal 10/100 print server/rs-232 serial (db-9)/usb

250,70VAT Included€ 205,49 + VAT 22%List: €378,20Save: €127,50

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Handheld Computers/PDA Zebra WT41

Code: WT41N0-N2S27ER

Zebra WT41N0, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, alpha, disp., WEC 7 (EN)

2035,33VAT Included€ 1668,30 + VAT 22%List: €2789,64Save: €754,31

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Zebra PDA MC9200

1597,04VAT Included€ 1309,05 + VAT 22%List: €3165,90Save: €1568,86

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Zebra Card Printer ZXP7

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