Zebra GK420T

Code: GK42-102521-000

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Label Printers Zebra GK420T

Label Printer Zebra GK420T; direct thermal, thermal transfer; parallela/rs-232 serial (db-9)/usb; peeler (dispenser).

Zebra GK420T - desktop Printer ; direct thermal, thermal transfer print; Interface: parallela/RS-232 SERIAL (DB-9)/USB; Resolution: 8 dot/mm (203 dpi); Speed: 127 mm/sec. Options: peeler (dispenser).

The top selling desktop printer in the world, the GK420 provides a proven design and long term dependability.  Both the GK420 and GT800 printer models are a top choice for a variety of mid-volume and distributed-printing applications to reliably produce quality text, barcodes or graphics.
The GK420 offers USB, Parallel and Serial connectivity interfaces and easy upgrades with both the ZPL and EPL programming languages. The GK420 Healthcare printer is available in the healthcare color palette designed specifically for sterile environments.
The intuitive design of the GK420 printer combines a choice of three connectivity interfaces and optional 10/100 Ethernet, co-resident EPL2 and ZPL II programming languages and Unicode to ensure quick and efficient integration. The GK420 offers direct thermal only models for simplicity and cost savings.

Key features:

  • Maximum speed 5 ips (127 mm/sec)
  • OpenACCESS™design for easy media loading
  • 203 dpi print resolution (8 dots/mm)
  • Direct thermal (d) and Thermal transfer (t) printing of bar codes, text, and graphics
  • Fully-enclosed 5.0" (127 mm) media compartment
  • Dual-wall frame construction
  • ZPL II® programming language
  • EPL2 page mode programming language
  • EPL Line Mode support (GK420d)
  • 32 bit RISC processor
  • 8 MB Standard SDRAM memory (3 MB available to user)
  • 4 MB Standard Flash memory (1.5 MB available to user)
  • Zebra E3™ Printhead Energy Control
  • Triple communications interface: Serial, USB & Parallel
  • User interface feed button (ZPL® style)
  • Odometer for print length tracking
  • Unicode™compliant for multi-language printing
  • Auto-calibration of media
  • 16 resident expandable bitmap fonts (ZPL language)
  • One resident scalable font (ZPL language)
  • 5 resident expandable bitmap fonts (EPL language)
  • Auto-switching 100-240V power supply
  • IEC 60601-1 Certified (GK420 Healthcare models only)
  • Transmissive and reflective media sensing
  • Head-up sensor
  • Programmable print speed: 2, 3, 4 & 5 ips (51, 76, 102, 127 mm/sec)
  • Standard tear-off mode feature
  • Zebra printer driver for Windows®


  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Light manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Postal counter automation
  • High-resolution label printing


  • Desktop
  • Direct Thermal
  • Thermal Transfer
Label Widht
  • 108 mm
Label widht
  • 108 mm.
  • Parallel (centronics)
  • RS-232 Serial (DB-9)
  • USB
  • 8 dot/mm (203 dpi)
  • 127 mm/sec
  • Free (on-line)
  • Peeler (dispenser)
Media Type
  • Cards
  • Collars
  • Fanfold
  • Label
  • Roll paper
  • Wristband
Machine body
  • Grey
  • no healthcare
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    all right

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