from10,75VAT Included€ 8,81 + VAT 22%

Cards Evolis Accessories for card

Badge bearer clip

Badge bearer clip

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from31,94VAT Included€ 26,18 + VAT 22%

Cards Zebra ZEB Card PVC White

Blank PVC Card

10 Customer comments

White PVC cards

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from15,82VAT Included€ 12,97 + VAT 22%

Cards Evolis Plastic Card

Plastic Card

1 Customer comment

Card in plasticized material in various colors.

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from63,95VAT Included€ 52,42 + VAT 22%

Cards Zebra Card PVC Coloured

Coloured PVC cards

PVC cards in various colors.

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from47,07VAT Included€ 38,58 + VAT 22%

Cards Zebra Card with magnetic stripe

Card with magnetic stripe

5 Customer comments

White PVC card with magnetic stripe.

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78,08VAT Included€ 64,00 + VAT 22%List: €97,60Save: €19,52

Cards SQC Chip Card

Chip Card

PVC card with security chip.

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from50,56VAT Included€ 41,44 + VAT 22%

Cards Zebra Accessories for card

Accessories for Zebra cards

Accessories required for card printing and card printers

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from147,07VAT Included€ 120,55 + VAT 22%

Cards Zebra Card RFID


PVC card with RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification).

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from268,40VAT Included€ 220,00 + VAT 22%

Cards Zebra Security Card

Security Card

PVC card for security.

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