Zebra LI3608

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Barcode Scanners Zebra LI3608

Barcode Scanner Zebra-LI3608;

Zebra LI3608 Hand held Barcode scanner, linear imager 1D, black/green, USB kit.


    Zebra LI3608-SR, 1D, SR, multi-IF, black, green

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    Every day, your warehouse operators and product line managers have to scan thousands of barcodes to ensure product quality and timely deliveries.

    Their productivity depends on the quality of the scanners you choose to put into their hands. When your operators need to capture 1D bar codes, with LI3608 (wired) and LI3678 (cordless) scanners, you can consign them the best in the market.

    Both models offer exceptional resistance, extraordinary scanning performance and unmatched manageability as well as a lightweight capture of 1D barcodes printed on labels in any condition or displayed on a screen. The ultra-reinforced design is virtually indestructible and therefore ideal for the most hostile work environments. The LI3608 / LI3678 scanner could not be easier and quicker to deploy and manage.

    And its cordless technology puts the the LI3678 in a whole new category, with a complete solution including a reinforced and sealed cradle, a smart battery and Zebra's Wi-Fi Friendly operating mode, which avoids interference with the Wi-Fi network -Fi. The Zebra LI3608 / LI3678 scanners will give you the uninterrupted performance you need to optimize your workforce productivity and the productivity of your structures.


    • Superior scanning performance with all 1D bar codes, under any condition
    • Ultra-reinforced - The most indestructible structure of the category
    • Ease of management with our best-in-class free tools
    • The sharpest pointing pattern in the category
    • A Bluetooth model in a separate class thanks to the extreme ease of hands-free operation