Honeywell Metrologic Voyager 1450g 2D

Code: 1450G2D-1USB

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Barcode Scanners Honeywell Metrologic Voyager 1450g 2D

Barcode Scanner Honeywell-Voyager 1450g 2D; hand held

Honeywell Voyager 1450g 2D - Barcode reader hand held; linear imager tecnology for 1D / LINEAR CODES, 2D / BIDIMENSIONAL CODES, code; Color White. Base not included in the package. Cable usb included. Interface PS/2, RS232 DB9 (SERIAL), USB.

    Voyager 1450g 2D

    2D bar coding is becoming the new standard in many areas.
    2D barcodes can not only contain more data, but are also increasingly required by suppliers' standards and requirements. Companies are also trying to exploit the emerging trends that require area-imaging technology today or in the near future without the need to buy extra scanning hardware or to be content with inferior scanning performance.
    Voyager 1450g allows companies to embrace surface imaging technology at its own pace and in the most profitable way. Based on the platform of the world-renowned Honeywell Voyager Portable Reader Series, the Voyager 1450g lets you read omnidirectional linear barcodes and, with reduced spending, can be updated to allow you to read PDF bar codes as well 2D, at the time of purchase or later.



    • Reliable data collection: Allows omnidirectional reading of almost all linear bar codes and most used 2D bar codes, including mobile and poor quality (2D decodifiers available on some models).
    • Cell Phone Reading: Scans coupons and tickets from portable device displays.
    • Support for Future Requirements: Provides Beneficial 2D Barcode Scanning Features, enabling companies to meet current and future needs with a single device.
    • Fixed License Solution: Various scan requirements are met by providing basic functionality models with software licenses that allow additional features to evolve with needs.


    • The Voyager 1450g is an instrument of outstanding value for companies that require or may require in the future all the versatility of area-imaging technology.
    • Produced by a company with decades of experience in the field of high-quality image capture, the Honeywell Voyager 1450g area-vision imaging reader is a smart and scalable investment.


    • With cable
    • Hand held
    • PS/2
    • RS232 DB9 (serial)
    • USB
    • Linear imager
    • White
    • 1D / Linear codes
    • 2D / Bidimensional codes
    Scanning angle
    • Horizontal 37,8°
    • Barcode
    • USB included
    Reading type
    • up to 21 cm.
    IP Protection Class
    • IP40
    • Not included in the package
    • Not applicable
    Radio range
    • Not cordless
    Machine body
    • no healthcare