Honeywell Metrologic Granit 1910i

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Barcode Scanners Honeywell Metrologic Granit 1910i

Granit 1910i

Industrial-level imaging area scanner - Granit 1910i

Barcode Scanner Honeywell-Granit 1910i; hand held, industrial
361,96VAT Included
Barcode Scanner Honeywell-Granit 1910i; hand held, industrial.
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Granit 1910i

Granite 1910i is designed to withstand the different needs that exist in hard working environments.
The Granite 1910i scanner is built to read virtually all barcodes with ease - support maximum operator productivity, lighting, pointing laser, and extended field depths.
The Granite 1910i scanner responds to this challenge with bright LEDs, higher audible signal volume, and vibration feedback responses.


  • The case is able to withstand and survive 50 drops of 2 m.
  • The technology provides aggressive and unrivaled barcodes reading.
  • Out-of-range scans reach articles easily and allows users to scan 20 linear codes out for 75 cm