Zebra ZBI

Codice: 48766-001

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Software e Servizi Zebra ZBI

Zebra ZBI-Developer (licenza per 1 stampante)

Zebra ZBI-Developer (licenza per 1 stampante)

    La licenza è associabile solo ed esclusivamente ad una stampante. Le stampanti compatibili sono: 105SL, 110PAX4, 110Xi4, 110XiIIIPlus, 140Xi4, 140XiIIIPlus, 170PAX4, 170Xi4, 170XiIIIPlus, 220Xi4, 220XiIIIPlus, GK420d, GK420t, GX420d, GX420t, GX430t, HC100 Patient I.D. Solution, LP 2824 Plus, S4M, TLP 2824 Plus, ZM400, ZM600 Complementing the printer’s resident Zebra Programming Language (ZPL®), the optional ZBI 2.0 programming language can be used to write programs that give Zebra printers the ability to convert non-ZPL data streams—such as label formats created for other-brand printers into printed labels. That makes it easy to replace your old, non-Zebra printers with the superior features, performance and reliability of a new Zebra printer.ZBI 2.0 applications can also be used to:• Directly connect the printer to a bar code scanner, scale or keyboard.• Convert proprietary data streams into printable labels. • Operate the printer as a stand-alone station without the added expense of a PC.• Use the printer’s network interface to perform realtime database lookups and updates.• Program printers to display operator prompts based on captured data.In addition ZBI-Developer Makes ZBI 2.0 Coding easy, its intuitive user interface provides a virtual ZBI 2.0 environment on your PC. It prompts programmers with pop-up help and plain-language messages, helping them to easily create and test complex ZBI 2.0 programs and distribute them to the printer.

    Scheda Stampabile 48766-001

    F.A.Q. Le domande e risposte frequenti.

    Esiste la possibilità di caricare una routine sviluppata con lo ZBI nella sua stampante.

    Per la creazione della routine è sufficiente scaricare il software al link  ed acquistare la licenza  per l'utilizzo sulla sua stampante.

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