Guide to setup TSC printers on Apple Macintosh Mac Os
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TSC printers supports natively Apple MACOS systems

Drivers are designed for Apple MAC OS version 10.6 or higher

Please connect printer only when indicated in this guide


Download drivers following this link

Extract the package and copy the  ".pkg"  file on desktop



Double click on file and select Continue and Install from following Form




Insert administrator's username and password (in the example we are using an user named TSC)


A new Dialog will show thath installation is done

Now select  Printer and Scanner  from System Preferences


Select "+" and select "Add Printer or Scanner" in the new window

Now connect printer on free USB port, the list in followinf form will show connected printer (in the exampleTSC TTP-244 Pro). Select printer and from combo box "Use" select "Other" as in the following picture:

navigate in the driver list until detect your printer model

Confirm selecting "open", then select "ADD".  Your printer is ready to use


This is main form of the printer properties




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Michele Buffolino

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