Zebra 8000T Extra Tuff tag

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Tags Zebra 8000T Extra Tuff tag

Tags Zebra - 8000T Extra Tuff tag, size: 25 x 229

Zebra 8000T Extra Tuff tag - Tags; synthetic, packing roll, colour: white, adhesive: nobody, dimension: 25 x 229 mm., tags roll number: 2000. Inner coil diameter: 76 mm. Outside coil diameter: 200 mm For use with printers business.

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    8000T Extra Tuff tag

    A matt finish 180 micron polypropylene based thermal transfer tag stock with opaque white appearance.

    8000T Extra Tuff 180 Tag gives excellent print quality up to 152mm per second when matched with 3200 and 5095 ribbons and is designed for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications. The special construction of this tag product gives it excellent tear resistance and a high level of strength, even when nicked.


    General features:

    • Synthetic (polypropylene) tags
    • white
    • Not stickers
    • For thermal transfer printing


    • Self locking garden centre plant tags
    • Lumber and pallet tags
    • Tags for construction- steel, timber, fencing
    • Outdoor storage tags for wire, cable and fabricated parts
    • Retail labelling of products in home improvement stores

    Ribbon and printers:

    • Requires the use of resin or wax-resin ribbon
    • Available in variants for desktop, medium, and high performance printer models


    • Nobody
    • White
    • 105SL
    • 105SL Plus
    • 110PAX4 series
    • 110Xi series
    • 140Xi series
    • 170PAX4 series
    • 170Xi series
    • 220Xi series
    • 2746e
    • S4M
    • S600
    • Z4M
    • Z4M+
    • Z6M
    • Z6M+
    • ZM400
    • ZM600
    • ZT220
    • ZT230
    • polyolefins
    • Synthetic
    For use with
    • Printers business
    Inner coil diameter
    • 76 mm.
    Outside coil diameter
    • 200 mm
    • Roll
    Print Type
    • Thermal Transfer
    Ribbon to use
    • Resin
    Size in mm (WxH)
    • 25 x 229
    • Synthetic
    • 1
    • Collars
    • gardening
    • greenhouses