SQC Dress composition ribbons and wash instructions

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Tags SQC Dress composition ribbons and wash instructions

Tags SQC - Dress composition ribbons and wash instructions, size: 30 mm x 62.5 m.

Tags; synthetic tape, packing roll, colour: white, adhesive: nobody, dimension: 30 mm x 62.5 m.. Inner roll diameter: 40 mm. Outside coil diameter: 100 mm. For use with desktop printers.

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    Washing instructions labels

    Polyamide and polyester  white ribbon  for thermal transfer printing, requires the use of textile ribbon.
    Recommended for printing instructions on clothing composition and washing instructions.
    Coiling in coil.


    General features:

    • Synthetic tape (polyamide and polyester)
    • White
    • Not sticky
    • For thermal transfer printing
    • Packaging in coil


    • Directions washing heads
    • Directions clothing composition
    • Labeling clothing

    Ribbon and printer:

    • Requires the use of the textile ribbon
    • Available in variants for desktop, medium and high performance printer models


    • Nobody
    • White
    • GC420T
    • GK420T
    • GX420T
    • GX430T
    • TLP2844
    • ZD500
    • ZT220
    • ZT230
    • polyamide
    For use with
    • Desktop printers
    Inner coil diameter
    • 40 mm.
    Outside coil diameter
    • 100 mm.
    • Roll
    Print Type
    • Thermal Transfer
    Ribbon to use
    • textile resin
    Size in mm (WxH)
    • 30 mm x 62.5 m.
    • Synthetic
    • 1
    • heads for composition tape
    • Ribbon for washing instructions
    • Fabric composition
    • Wash Instructions

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      Unfortunately that was not what I needed.
      But I knew I should have tested it.