Ratiotec Built-in safe

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P.O.S. (Point of sale) Ratiotec Built-in safe

Ratiotec POS Safe RT 750

Ratiotec POS Safe RT 750



    The safe deposit box POS Safe RT 500 protects your daily incomes, reducing the risk of loss due to robbery or internal theft, increasing security.

    The POS Safe RT 500 is easy to install, stays under the cash desk or bar counter, staying out of sight of the malicious.

    Ideal for reducing high-cut banknotes in the cash drawer, storing them securely. With its mechanism all banknotes are conveyed into a removable inner container only with the key.

    The POS Safe RT 500 is entirely made of steel, providing a secure and robust container. It has two locks: the first one is to open the safe, the second allows you to remove the inner container containing the banknotes to remove them during or at the end of the turn.

    For the entire range of ratiotec products, we provide a dedicated service center in Italy, with call centers for a fast phone support.

    Mechanical safe to protect your taking

    2 separate locks to increase security


    Removable steel interior