SQC sicurgrip ultradestructible

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Labels SQC sicurgrip ultradestructible

Destructive sicurgrip

Adhesive labels in ultra-degradable specialty material (sicurgrip) for thermal transfer printing, requires the use of resin wax ribbon. Coiling in roll.

Destructive sicurgrip

Labels of special white self-destructive material (sicurgrip) for thermal transfer print, requires the use of wax-resin ribbon.
The very fragile surface combined with the tenacity of the underlying adhesive makes the destruction of the label inevitable in the attempt to remove it.
Recommended for labeling security.


General featuring

  • Special material (sicurgrip)
  • White
  • Permanent sticker
  • For thermal transfer printing
  • Packaging in roll


  • Security labeling
  • Tampering labeling
  • Anti-valley labeling

Ribbon and printers:

  • Requires the use of wax-resin ribbon
  • Available for desktop, medium and high performance printer variants


  • destruct label
  • Roll
Print Type
  • Thermal Transfer
Ribbon to use
  • Resin
  • Special

Customer reviews
  • 20 lug 2018
    Great product. Approved for use with warranty seal