SQC Destructible PVC

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Labels SQC Destructible PVC

Destructive pvc (roll)

PVC sticky sticky labels, for thermal transfer printing, require the use of the ribbon. Coiling in roll.

Destructive pvc (roll)

Adhesive labels of white or silver destructive synthetic material (PVC), for thermal transfer printing, require the resin ribbon to be used.
At the attempt to remove the labels, they fragment into multiple pieces, self-destructing.
The tenacious sticker makes the destructive feature of the label inevitable in its removal.


General features:

  • Synthetic material (PVC)
  • White or silver
  • Permanent sticker
  • Packaging in coil
  • For thermal transfer printing


  • Warranty labeling
  • Tampering labeling
  • Labels that require destructive bar codes

Ribbon and printers:

  • Requires the use of resin ribbon
  • Available in variants for desktop, media, and high performance printer models


  • Destruct PVC
  • Roll
Print Type
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Special