SQC Printed coated paper (fanfold)

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Labels SQC Printed coated paper (fanfold)

Labels SQC - Printed coated paper (fanfold), size: 40 x 20

Labels; coated paper, packing fanfold, colour: with 2 color printing white, adhesive: permanent (wet-frozen) s2045, dimension: 40 x 20 mm., label fanfold number: 5390, packing with 10 pieces. For use with desktop printers, printers business.

    Coated printed paper (fanfold)

    Adhesive white paper coated paper with one or more colors for thermal transfer printing, requires use of the wax ribbon.
    The available adhesive types ensure good adherence to a wide range of surfaces.
    Superfine film allows better print quality and preserves them from scratches and scratches.


    General features:

    • Custom coated paper
    • White with one or more colors
    • Permanent, reinforced, removable adhesive for frozen and damp
    • For thermal transfer printing
    • Package packaging


    • Food labeling
    • Personalized product identification
    • Health applications
    • Healthcare applications
    • Applications such as government documents

    Ribbon and printers:

    • Requires the use of wax ribbon
    • Available in variants for desktop, medium and high performance printer models


    • Permanent (wet-frozen) S2045
    Black mark
    • No
    • with 2 color printing white
    • GC420T
    • GK420T
    • GX420T
    • GX430T
    • ZD500
    • Coated paper
    For use with
    • Desktop printers
    • Printers business
    Hatch between labels
    • No
    • Fanfold
    Print Type
    • Thermal Transfer
    Ribbon to use
    • Wax or wax-resin
    Roll width
    • 42 mm
    Size in mm (WxH)
    • 40 x 20
    • Coated paper
    • 1
    • Label