SQC Oil-resistant coated paper (coil)

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Labels SQC Oil-resistant coated paper (coil)

Anti-oil coated paper (roll)

Adhesive white adhesive labels made of anti-gloss coated paper for thermal transfer printing. (roll)

Anti-oil coated paper (roll)

Specialty white coated (anti-oil) labels for thermal transfer printing require the use of resin wax ribbon.
Recommended for bakery, bench, or in the presence of food and non-edible oils.

General features:

  • Anti-gloss coated paper
  • Adhesive
  • Packaging in coil
  • White
  • For thermal transfer printing


  • Generic applications from oven, food counter, or presence or contact of food or non-edible oils
  • Labeling products

Ribbon and printers:

  • Requires the use of wax-resin ribbon
  • Available in variants for desktop and business printer models