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Label Printers TSC ME340


Industrial Thermal Transfer Printer

Label Printer TSC ME340
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Label Printer TSC ME340
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Label Printer TSC ME340
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TSC ME340 - .. Printer .

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TSC ME340 - .. Printer .

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TSC ME340 - .. Printer .

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ME340 Series

The ME240/ME340 Series is designed and built to withstand the toughest production environments. The printer’s heavy-duty print mechanism is constructed of die-cast aluminum and housed in an all-metal frame. Because of its low-profile small-footprint design, the ME240/ME340 fits easily into cramped worked spaces that are too small for larger industrial printers. The print mechanism supports large 450-meter thermal-transfer ribbons and an 8.0 inch OD roll of labels.
Priced less than other printers in their class, the ME240/ME340 Series printers are loaded with standard features and come with a selection of options and accessories that significantly expand their capabilities. Standard features include USB and serial connectivity, a 2-button, 3-LED (basic version)/ 6-button LCD (advanced version) control panel, real-time clock, 8MB DRAM memory, 4 MB FLASH memory and an SD card slot that expands FLASH memory up to 4 GB. 
The ME240 model prints images up to 4-inches wide, at 203-dpi (8 dots/mm) resolution. The printer’s 6-inch-per-second print speed and large ribbon and media capacities make it perfect for many applications, including manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and medical.
Using the same platform as the ME240, the ME340 model offers 300-dpi (12 dots/mm) resolution, printing at speeds up to 4 inches per second. The ME340 is ideal for producing two-dimensional barcodes, fine text and small-graphics labels.
Like all TSC industrial label printers, the ME240/ME340 Series is backed by an industry-best two-year limited warranty.
The ME240 printer’s unique design features a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum print mechanism, which TSC will make available as a stand-alone unit to partners who want to design and build their own custom packaging machine or label applicator. The print mechanism includes a ribbon handler and printhead assembly and is designed to hold the electronics main board and power supply. This compact assembly is ideal for resellers who want to develop low-cost customized solutions for packaging, product marking and other applications.

Key  features:

  • 2-button 3-LED (basic model)/6-button LCD (advanced model) control panel
  • Easily adjustable sensors
  • Print head pressure adjustment knobs
  • 450 meter ribbon capacity
  • Die-cast print mechanism for custom applications
  • Flexible firmware structure allows the printer to emulate popular printer languages
  • Available in 203 dpi and 300 dpi resolutions
  • Up to 4 GB Flash memory expansion using SD Flash memory
  • Fast label throughput


  • Warehousing/Distribution
  • Labeling for
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Inventory Management
  • Shelf/Rack Labeling
  • Manufacturing
  • Work In Process Labeling
  • Product Marking
  • Inventory Management
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Healthcare
  • Patient ID
  • Pharmacy Unit Dose
  • Specimen Labels
  • Wristband Printing
  • Admissions