Honeywell Metrologic PrintPAD

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PrintPAD di Honeywell Metrologic

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PrintPAD's integrated printing systems offer mobile workers the convenience of a portable thermal printer and a laptop combined in a compact, ergonomic, robust and reliable unit. This PrintPAD series is designed for use with Honeywell CN3, CN4, CN3e, CN4e, CN70 / 70e and CN51 laptops.
PrintPAD's sleek design allows users to comfortably and securely transport their laptops and communicate with the printer, as well as charge both the laptop and the printer, all in one integrated package. This innovative one-piece printing system combines a 101.6 mm (4-inch) improved thermal printer width, the 4te, with a built-in communications charging base designed for use in numerous applications, including route accounting, direct delivery to the point of sale and assistance in the field.
Using a reliable printer allows you to perform the operation without problems and without downtime. PrintPAD offers an integrated solution with the ability to increase the efficiency of field operators.
PrintPAD provides an intelligent charging solution by simultaneously charging the portable unit and printer from a single AC adapter or car, saving money on unnecessary charging accessories and expensive extended warranties. Honeywell's Datamax-O'Neil is the only company to support its mobile thermal printers with a standard two-year warranty.
PrintPAD is a convenient and well-designed unit that eliminates the hassle of manipulating multiple devices.
To ensure that wireless transactions are secure, PrintPAD offers a wide range of security and encryption protocols compatible with current high-tech security requirements.



  • Compatible with Honeywell laptops: CN3, CN4, CN3e, CN4e, CN70 / 70e and CN51.
  • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity enables printing of receipts and invoices wherever they are needed.
  • It supports graphics printing, 1D barcodes, 2D symbologies and signature acquisition.
  • Intelligent power management and long battery life.
  • Optional external charging contacts, AC adapter or 12V automatic power supply.
  • Robust and reliable, PrintPAD resists punitive handheld applications and has a fall specification of 1.8 m (6 feet).