Zebra TC25

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Handheld Computers/PDA Zebra TC25


Rugged smartphone TC25

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Every day you have to manage deliveries, repair equipment or provide services - plumbing or electrical work, parcel shipments, maintenance of cargo areas and much more.
There is so much work to do every day, with so little time to do it - and so many competitors that your customers can call if they are not served as quickly as they want. What you need is a tool to work faster and smarter. What you need is the TC25, the smartphone that offers all the functions necessary to do more work and satisfy more customers every day:
• High strength design - you can drop it on the floor or use it in conditions of cold, heat, rain and snow: it never stops working.
• The right features - get the information you need faster than ever before and drastically reduce the time it takes to do the countless everyday tasks.
• An appropriate assistance program at the right price - to guarantee uninterrupted operation of the devices.
• All-day battery life guaranteed - with the quick-connect PowerPack expansion battery.
• Maximum speed in cellular communications - for quick access to applications and high voice quality.
Get more done in less time with the TC25 - the reinforced smartphone designed for small businesses.
Built to work
Rain. Hot. Temperatures below zero. Falls. Inverted liquids. The TC25 does not fear any of this.
Autonomy throughout the day - always. You do not need a charger - just connect our exclusive PowerPack and continue working as if nothing had happened.
Smartphone cameras are not built to read barcodes; This is why the TC25 offers the same scanning technology that many of the world's largest service providers rely on. With an instantaneous and easy to aim and read operation, you can capture any electronic or printed barcode practically in any condition - without aiming and without waiting. Regardless of the work being done by an operator, with a true integrated Zebra scanner it will do it with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, all to the advantage of the productivity of the workforce, the quality of customer service and the company profitability.
With the 8MP color camera with autofocus you can document anything: delivery receipts, damaged packages, repairs performed and much more.
With Zebra OneCare ™ SV you get two years of coverage for normal wear and tear of the device, impeccable technical support directly from the manufacturer, the Device Diagnostics tool for troubleshooting on-site, priority time for repairs, free shipping of returns and much other, all at a fraction of the cost of a single out-of-warranty repair. And by adding LifeGuardTM for AndroidTM to your service plan, you can sleep even quieter thanks to the guarantee of security updates throughout the life cycle of the TC25 mobile computer.
The TC25 is extremely easy to use in the workplace. With Android you can use all the gestures typical of ordinary smartphones, such as zoom with two fingers. The visibility of the screen is optimal both outdoors and indoors. Thanks to the large surface of the touch display, all the information you need is visible without having to scroll the contents of the screen. The three buttons provide direct access to the most used functions and apps.
Can also be used as a walkie-talkie. With instant voice connection and secure text messaging, you can get in touch with a specific employee, a team of employees or all the staff at the touch of a button. Protected text messages make it possible to contact the employees even in cases where it would be inappropriate to use voice communication.*
Fast cellular connections for crystal-clear vocal audio and exceptional application performance.
With 4G and VoLTE support, you can make high-definition calls with extraordinary voice quality and fast connections. And with three to six times the bandwidth of 3G and 2G standards, you're guaranteed maximum speed in app performance and screen refresh. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi fast.
A fast Bluetooth connection allows better performance from devices such as headphones and Bluetooth printers. Plus, with support for 802.11ac connectivity, you can switch over to fast Wi-Fi connections when you're in the office, at home or near a public hotspot, without sacrificing the quality of the connection.
Instant capture of barcodes in the app
With Zebra DataWedge you can send barcodes captured directly to the app with the scanner, without having to program or modify them.
The result? Big savings and no cost.