Zebra MC2100

Code: K-MC2180-AS01E-CRD

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Handheld Computers/PDA Zebra MC2100

Zebra PDA MC2100

Zebra MC2180, 2D, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, num., kit (USB)


    Zebra MC2180, 1D, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, num., kit (USB)

    382,47VAT Included€ 313,50 + VAT 22%List: €949,17Save: €566,70


    Zebra MC2180, 1D, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, num., kit (USB)

    404,64VAT Included€ 331,67 + VAT 22%List: €1004,07Save: €599,43


    Zebra MC2180, 1D, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, num., kit (USB)

    435,95VAT Included€ 357,34 + VAT 22%List: €1103,88Save: €667,93


    Zebra MC2180, 1D, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, num.

    740,72VAT Included€ 607,15 + VAT 22%List: €1047,99Save: €307,27

     Zebra MC2100 Series - Mobile terminals

    With the MC2100 you can count on a lot of processing power, robust design, ergonomics, flexible data collection options, enterprise push-to-talk (PTT), and centralized management. It does support developing appliocations platform Zebra RhoEelements which allows to create cross-platform applications able to work on different mobile computers provided with different operative systems.

    With igh scanning performances, l'MC2100 offers more choices than any other device of its category - 1D linear imager, 1D laser or 1D / 2D area imaging - and three analytics engines capable of capture damaged, nasty and worn-out barcodes at first scan.



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