Honeywell Metrologic Thor VM3

Code: VM3W2F1A1AET04A

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Handheld Computers/PDA Honeywell Metrologic Thor VM3

Honeywell PDA Thor VM3

Thor VM3 Indoor, USB, RS232, BT, Wi-Fi

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    Designed for use in the most demanding distribution centers, in production plants and in the transport sector, the most powerfull full size vehicle computer Thor VM3 offers unparalleled operational efficiency.
    Supply chain interruptions are expensive; those who are better prepared to face them can count on a significant competitive advantage.
    Thor VM3 computer offers the newest functionalities designed to eliminate downtime and maximize capital investment for the company.
    Smart Dock functionality allows immediate savings on maintenance and assistance costs while increasing efficiency; it allows users to move computers dynamically in case of vehicle failure or changes to workload. The on-site replaceable front panel allows companies to minimize investment in spare parts and save valuable time and money by leveraging on-site maintenance staff for common problem solving.
    Thor VM3 computer also provides the compatibility required to upgrade to next-generation Windows operating systems and the ability to leverage the latest security and productivity enhancements. VM3 supports multiple Windows-based operating systems, simplifying integration and application development when the company needs to grow.
    VM3 offers to companies that currently use the Windows CE operating system to easily deploy and develop existing and future IT infrastructures. With an expandable memory up to 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of SSD, VM3 can run powerful programs and applications to maximize efficiency in activities such as picking crates, truck loading, layout and refilling, providing operators with real-time access to information wherever needed.
    Al chiuso, all'aperto, in un magazzino, in fabbrica o in un centro intermodale, il computer Thor VM3 allows companies to choose the options required to maximize efficiency in the most demanding environments. VM3 supports robust standard touchscreen or capacitive touchscreens for multi-touch applications. An optional WWAN radio allows you to use it in broad-band outdoor activities where WiFi networks cannot be implemented.
    VM3 has been thought to withstand extreme temperatures and supports an optional defrosting system for low temperature storage rooms and refrigerator cells and a brighter display for outdoor applications. An optional dimming feature of the display restricts driver access to the screen when the vehicle is moving, as required by the highest safety standards.

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