Honeywell Metrologic CN75

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Handheld Computers/PDA Honeywell Metrologic CN75


Honeywell CN75

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Honeywell CN75e, 2D, EA30, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, num., Android

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Honeywell CN75e, 2D, EA30, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, num.

2343,44VAT Included€ 1920,85 + VAT 22%List: €3324,50Save: €981,06


Honeywell CN75e, 2D, EA30, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, GSM, num., GPS

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Honeywell CN75e, 2D, EA30, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, GSM, alpha, GPS

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Honeywell CN75

Ultra-rugged mobile computer
Honeywell CN75 and CN75e laptops offer the versatility required by customers, offering the choice of a Windows or Android operating system on a single device to meet changing business needs. The uncompromising design is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core multi-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of Flash, offering the highest degree of future protection capability.
Designed specifically for mobile service operators who need power and performance in a compact form factor, the Honeywell CN75 laptop delivers the perfect balance of robustness, duty cycle and ergonomics while offering unparalleled versatility.
The CN75e delivers the same processing power, but with a wider keyboard design, making it ideal for delivery environments where workers can wear gloves or have multiple applications with high data input.
The CN75 and CN75e laptops offer unparalleled reliability with intelligent battery technology that provides enough power to last an entire shift, eliminating dead batteries and downtime.
The CN75 and CN75e laptops also feature a high-performance imager that provides fast and accurate barcode scanning capabilities even in poorly lit scanning environments, with unmatched motion tolerance to eliminate costly delays in high-end applications. high scanning intensity.
The uncompromising design also extends to radio connectivity. Wide-area solutions are equipped with a wireless voice and data WWAN network that operates on networks around the world, offering "switch-on-the-fly" network selection capabilities and eliminating the need for multiple dedicated device pools to a network.





Honeywell CN75