Zebra ZXP9

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Card Printers Zebra ZXP9

Zebra Card Printer ZXP9

Zebra ZXP Series 9, single sided, 12 dots/mm (300 dpi), USB, Ethernet, MSR


    Retransfer card printer: ZXP Series 9
    Last added to the line of Zebra card printers, ZXP Series 9™ is a retransfer card printer specifically designed for high security applications. With its industry-leading production capability – up to 190 cards per hour – it allows you to print more cards faster and with exceptional quality. Thanks to the user-selectable print quality mode, you can choose to prioritize printing speed or definition. And with the simultaneous dual side retransfer process, the speed of printing, encoding, and laminating is the best in the category.
    Thanks to the rejects-free laminating mechanism, patented by Zebra, ZXP Series 9 offers a very low card cost and reduces the typical amount of waste by more than 50%.


    • Quality, reliability, flexibiilty and speed
    • Significant savings and waste reduction
    • Intelligent design and flexible and simple functioning
    • Color Predictive Technology, Zebra's exclusive
    • High quality from first day
    • Easy to install and configure
    • Superior image quality with intense and vibrant colors.
    • Possibility of printing on cards with non-homogeneous surfaces, such as smart cards.
    • Real edge to edge printing (by printing over the edge), unlike traditional card printers, which leaves a white border along the edge of the card.
    • It can print on a non-PVC card, unlike direct printing card printers which require a porous surface for sublimation, not available on all non-PVC cards.
    • Cards are more durable and resistant to abrasions, requiring no additional layer of protection.
    • Integrated fraud protection, thanks to the film that reveals any tampering attempt.