Zebra RS6000


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Barcode Scanners Zebra RS6000

Barcode Scanner Zebra-RS6000;

Zebra RS6000, BT, 2D, SR, BT, black, silver


    Zebra RS6000, BT, 2D, MR, BT, black, silver

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    Zebra RS6000, BT, 2D, SR, BT, black, silver

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    Zebra RS6000, BT, 2D, SR, BT, black, silver

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    With the ring scanner, advanced scanning algorithms allow capturing barcodes in any condition, including the most spoiled, and the superior motion tolerance allows workers to capture barcodes faster than handheld scanners, even if the items or workers are moving.
    The RS6000 is the only scanner to be used on the market that improves the speed of task with programmable LED lights, designed for the line-of-sight user during scanning tasks.
    New comfortable, hygienic and durable support, in silicone rubber. Comfortable finger strap. The material is non-absorbent and easy to clean for start and end workshift cleaning.