Zebra RFD5500

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Barcode Scanners Zebra RFD5500

Barcode Scanner Motorola-RFD5500;

Zebra RFD5500 RFID sled for MC50, MC65, MC67

    Handheld RFID RFID5500 Business class for global implementations

    Can only be used with: MC55, MC65 o MC67 

    The RFID5500 UHF RFID Sled brings leading RFID technology to the MC55, MC65 or MC67 laptops.
    This versatile accessory makes innovative these modern, portable RFID readers.
    At home in the store, business areas with carpet, more suited for indoor applications.
    With its light weight, robust design and a well-balanced harmonic socket, the RFD5500 is suitable for lighter applications. And the highly efficient RFID Zebra RFID reading engine offers read speeds, high productivity and increased productivity.
    Many RFID handheld readers can identify the general proximity of an item - for example, a shelf.
    The RFD5500 offers a unique combination of intuitive visual and acoustic signals to quickly guide a worker to the exact position of any desired item.As the device approaches a specific item, a tone emits a stronger and faster beep, while a scroll bar increases its size. So your employees can find any individual item, no matter where it can be, quickly and easily.
    Most RFID readers offer a choice of antennas: linear polarization for longer reading range or circular polarization for wider coverage. The patented Zebra Omnidirectional Antenna offers the best of both worlds - a superior reading range and a top coverage area.
    The agnostic orientation antenna in the RFD5500 offers extraordinary reliability and does not need to accurately align the player with the tag. This means that your employees can quickly and accurately capture even the most demanding items from a bunch of clothing in a retail store or from a file box in the office to a shelf full of data tapes in Data center.



    • RFID Zebra Reading Engine
    • Provides advanced performance for high-speed reading for faster speed reading and greater productivity
    • Easy to use
    • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
    • Rapid and convenient development of applications
    • It maximizes the performance of RFID solutions with this patented, senseless orientation antenna. The unique combination of linear and circular polarization maximizes the reading range and coverage area, ensuring the extraordinary reliability needed to capture tags - even on the most demanding elements.
    • MAX SECURE: MAX Secure provides the security features needed to ensure secure data transmission
    • Can be used exclusively with: MC55, MC65 or MC67