Zebra FX9500

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Your business is based on the traceability of valuable goods and the handling of products to be sold. The faster the receipt, the inventory, the withdrawal and the shipment (without errors and without bottlenecks), the more efficient and profitable it may be your business.

The RFID FX9500 Fixed Reader delivers very high reading performance and allows you to quickly and precisely move and track large volumes of boxes, pallets, and items with RFID tags.

It is also perfect for environments employing high-density tags, high-capacity applications, and the most challenging materials for RF scanning.


  • PERFORMANCE TO TOP OF THE RANGE: Thanks to an exceptional RF sensitivity, the FX9500 delivers very high readability, enabling greater distance reading for management applications in large distribution centers and in loading / unloading areas, and offering improved processing speeds for situations In which large volumes of tags need to be read in full-bodied areas. It is also a very robust reader, with IP53 protection class resistant to moisture and dust.
  • REDUCES COSTS, INCREASING THE BENEFITS: The FX9500, with its best-in-class processor and a wide range of memory, is available in the 4 or 8-port model; The latter ensures coverage of a larger number of loading / unloading docks or reading points with fewer readers, thus saving on implementation costs. Additionally, each configuration can operate in both monostatic and bistatic mode.
  • A RELIABLE RANGE: Among the manufacturers of RFID systems, Zebra holds the primacy for the number of UHF RFID readers implemented. Its products, widely tested in virtually every industry, are synonymous with safety and reliability. Our experience allows you to make the best use of RFID data and to guarantee the return on your investment in the RFID solution in a shorter time.


  • Extremely durable, the FX9500 is designed for the toughest industrial environments. It is also designed to grow with your company and meet your current and future RFID reading needs.