Zebra DS3508

Code: DS3508-SR20005R

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Barcode Scanners Zebra DS3508

Barcode Scanner Zebra-DS3508; industrial

Zebra DS3508, 2D, SR, multi-IF, black, yellow


    Zebra DS3508, 2D, ER, multi-IF, black, yellow

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    Zebra DS3508 series

    It can read barcodes, images and DPM symbols at an extraordinary speed.
    Zebra DS3508 digital wired reinforced scanner series allow a flexible data acquisition with high performances in challenging industrial environments, in order to improve the business efficiency.
    Designed with a revolutionary imaging digital technology, this scanner line offers a data collection function extremely fast and accurate for monodimensional (1D) and bidimensional (2D) barcodes, images and DPM(Direct Part Marks) symbols and it supports IUID*(Item Unique Identification standards. It is available in three different models, DS3508 scanner series is able to satisfy a wide range of data collection experiences in several industry sectors.
    High performances to improver productivity.
    DS3508 is a scanning solution specifically designed for high rythms environments. Image CMOS sensors allow to acquire barcodes in an accurate way and to process them faster than other standard digital.
    DS3508 series is equipped with a powerful 624 MHz microprocessorm able to read 1D and 2D barcodes whithin few millisecond, regardless dimensions or density.
    The fast pulse lighting technology, waiting for the patent, and the sensor shutter allow to catch images at 60 fps, with an awesome movement tolerance. Furthermore, omnidiretional scanning function allow to operators to quickly collect barcodes from any angolation, deleting the need to align codes to the laser. Also, DS3508 series offers an operative range od models wider than any other scanner of its class.
    • Ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes
    • Powerful 624 MHz microprocess, high speed sensor shutter and fast pulse lighting (to be patented)
    • IUID support (only on DS3508-DP)
    • High density barcodes scanning (only on DS3508-HD)



    • With cable
    • Industrial
    • PS/2
    • RS-232
    • RS-485
    • USB
    • Area imager
    • black/yellow
    • DPM
    Scanning angle
    • N.D.
    • Barcode
    • Not included
    Reading type
    • N.D.
    IP Protection Class
    • IP65
    • Not included
    • Not applicable