Honeywell Metrologic SF61B 1D

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Barcode Scanners Honeywell Metrologic SF61B 1D

SF61B 1D

SF61B 1D - Portable scanner

Barcode Scanner Honeywell-SF61B 1D; bluetooth, hand held
483,13VAT Included
Barcode Scanner Honeywell-SF61B 1D; bluetooth, hand held
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SF61B 1D - Scanner portatile

Automated data capture is key to ensuring patient safety in health workflows, increasing demand for bar code scanners that can move with your healthcare provider in healthcare.
To address this challenge and make it easier to collect data at the point of care, Honeywell developed the SF61B health pocket scanner. Quite small to hold in a pocket, travel with the operator and can be quickly accessed securely or hidden when both hands are required. This makes it ideal for today's busy healthcare environment, where complete freedom of movement is essential and scanning capability must always be at your fingertips.
The SF61B integrates with existing health information management systems, and easily scans a barcode easily with smartphones and iOS, Android and Windows Mobile tablets.
Its compact form factor is small enough to accommodate embarrassing or reduced spaces and a high performance imager simplifies scanning all 1D codes, regardless of angle or orientation.
To ensure safe operation in patient-oriented applications, the SF61B uses a laser-free design that allows high-performance scanning without the risk of eye injury related to laser designs. Its powerful white lighting field can even double as an improvised torch.


  • The SF61B can be quickly housed in a pocket of clothing when two hands are needed.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology will easily pair with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices with a capacity up to 100 m (325 ft).
  • Includes high performance area technology for highly responsive omnidirectional scan even on curved or translucent surfaces.
  • The IP64-sealed casing protects against the harmful effects of repeated chemical sweeps.
  • The fully-featured laser-free design with LED lens is ideal for a variety of applications