Honeywell Metrologic Genesis 7580g 1D

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Barcode Scanners Honeywell Metrologic Genesis 7580g 1D

Barcode Scanner Honeywell-Genesis 7580g 1D; countertop, presentation

Honeywell Genesis 7580g 1D - Barcode reader countertop, presentation; linear imager tecnology for 1D / LINEAR CODES, code; Color Black. Base included in the stand (stand). Cable not included. Interface IBM, KBW, RS-232 SERIAL (DB-9), USB.

    Genesis 7580g 1D

    Genesis 7580g of Honeywell, the world's first world-class presentation areaimaging scanner designed to decode all standard 1D codes, offers greater productivity and revolutionary imaging technology in an elegant and durable design.
    Powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology 6.0, the Genesis 7580g is redefining industry standards for imaging solutions. Advanced performance and a versatile form factor make this product suitable for environments ranging from production to health to POS retail.
    Aggressive barcode reading on highly reflective surfaces such as mobile phone screens eliminates the need to purchase additional special accessories.
    Patented CodeGate technology with an activation button that supports scanning menus and other targeted scanning applications.
    Automatic cable detection and configuration simplifies migration to a new interface eliminating the need to digitize programming barcodes.
    Three new patented technologies increase the Genesis 7580g feature set:
    • Shielded LEDs minimize intense common blinking among other area devices.
    • CodeSelectTM allows the Genesis 7580g to capture up to 15 barcodes in one flash and output data in any predetermined order.
    • TotalFreedom expands the scanner's functionality by directly loading plug-ins for decoding and formatting on the Genesis 7580g, enabling businesses to quickly support proprietary or newly-conceived symbologies.



    • Cell Phone Reading: It scan barcodes and mobile tickets directly from the screen of a mobile device
    • Elegant design: immediately wears the front-end operation
    • TotalFreedom 2.0: The second generation plug-in development platform allows you to load and connect multiple applications directly to the scanner, eliminating the need for changes to the host system, also offering extended decoding and data formatting functionality
    • Capture Images: Improve document management by capturing and storing electronic images, including goodwill, personal checks, signatures, and damaged packages
    • Flexible Solution Solution: it meets today's and future's scans by providing the option to upgrade scanning capabilities by simply purchasing a license for the appropriate feature
    • MasterMind ™ Remote Scanner Management Software: Provides a fast and convenient solution for IT administrators who try to manage all scanners within your network from a single remote location
    • EAS optional: Increases efficiency by simultaneously deactivating EAS tags and decoding bar codes up to 7 inches away




    • With cable
    • Countertop
    • Presentation
    • IBM
    • KBW
    • RS-232 Serial (DB-9)
    • USB
    • Linear imager
    • Black
    • 1D / Linear codes
    Scanning angle
    • Horizontal 46°
    • Barcode
    • Not included
    Reading type
    • Istinctive (up to 18 cm.)
    IP Protection Class
    • Hermetically Sealed
    • Included in the stand (stand)
    • Not applicable
    Radio range
    • Not cordless
    Machine body
    • no healthcare