Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi

Code: M3303-010100

310,86VAT Included€ 254,80 + VAT 22%List: €505,08Save: €194,22

Barcode Scanners Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi

Barcode Scanner Datalogic-Magellan 3300HSi; in-counter

Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi - Barcode reader in-counter; omnidirectional laser tecnology for 1D / LINEAR CODES, code; Color Grey. Base not included in the package. Cable not included. Interface KBW, RS-232 SERIAL (DB-9), USB.

    Barcode scanners are devices able to decodify barcodes.

    Magellan 3300HSi is an imager incounter presentation scanner with models able to read 1D or 2D barcodes; it also provides visual and audio information on the reading result; it does interface to industrial systems through several communication protocols.

    Magellan 3300HSi is a sturdy and versatile device, easy to use and install. 

    Intended for those who frequently use a scanning device, it is very suitable in retails for cash transactions.


    • Sturdiness
    • EAS labeling deactivation
    • Interfaces USB, RS232, keyboard emulation


    • Retail - Point of Sale


    • With cable
    • In-counter
    • KBW
    • RS-232 Serial (DB-9)
    • USB
    • Omnidirectional Laser
    • Grey
    • 1D / Linear codes
    Scanning angle
    • N.D.
    • Barcode
    • Not included
    Reading type
    • Istinctive (up to 10,2 cm.)
    IP Protection Class
    • N.D.
    • Not included in the package
    • Not applicable
    Radio range
    • Not cordless
    Machine body
    • no healthcare
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