Zebra Z-Band Direct Quickclip in roll

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Wristband Zebra Z-Band Direct Quickclip in roll

Zebra Wristband Z-Band Direct Quickclip in roll

synthetic adehesive wristbands white coloured adult size, roll packed(internal diameter 25mm, external diameter 127mm), 260 wristbands per coil.6 coils pack.

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    Z-Band Direct Quickclip

    Z-Band QuickClip is a white top coated direct thermal polypropylene tag material.

    Supplied with white plastic clips for a secure closure and featuring a patent-pending antimicrobial coating, Zebra’s Z-Band wristbands are the simplest way to improve patient safety.


    General features:

    • Ease of use, ribbon-less printing. Quick and easy to print and secure.
    • Meets healthcare patient identification and safety requirements, removes risk of data left on ribbons
    • Patent-pending antimicrobial coating, which new test results show, prevents the growth and survival of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Type II, Type III and Type IV in addition to S. aureus, P. aeruginosa and E. coli
    • Excellent print quality down to 5 mil narrow bar codes.
    • UV overvarnish is applied over print area on wristbands, providing excellent resistance to water, soaps, foam soaps, lotions, alcohol and other common solvents
    • Secure closure with Zebra Z-Band QuickClip – clips available in various colours
    • Latex-free- no natural rubber latex is used in the raw material processing of Zebra Z-Band QuickClip.


    • Safe, secure, positive patient ID for hospitals
    • Events admissions: sports, concerts, festivals etc.
    • Water and amusement park admissions
    • Cruise ships and resorts; cash-free transactions

    Ribbon and printers:

    • Does not require the use of the ribbon
    • Available in desktop, media and high performance printer variants