Zebra Accessories for cleaning

Code: 104531-001

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Printers Accessories Zebra Accessories for cleaning

Zebra (Accessories for cleaning) cod.104531-001

Zebra cleaning card kit for all printers (box of 100 cards)


    Zebra cleaning swab kit (box of 24 swabs) for all printers

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    Zebra adhesive cleaning roller kit for P1xx, P2xx (set of 5)

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    Zebra Print Head Cleaning Pens (12 pieces)

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    Zebra Print Head Cleaning Pens

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    Zebra ZXP Series 7 Print Station and Laminator Cleaning Kit

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    Zebra ZXP Series 7 abrasive printhead polishing card

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    Zebra Print Head Cleaning Cards (10 pieces)

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    Printer cleaning ensures better image quality and longer printhead life. With Zebra, you have access to a complete line of cleaning products that will help keep the performance and extend the life of your Zebra card printer. Regular use of Zebra genuine cleaning products will keep your printer clean and will extend the life of critical parts, including printheads, conveyor rollers and magnetic encoders. The accustomed printer cleanliness offers better quality and beautiful color images.

    Cleaning cartridges help ensure the longevity of the printer by automatically cleaning the cards before the print cycle. An impure paper produces a clearer, clearer and more detailed image, without printing voids.

    The cleaning rollers are installed in the cleaning cartridges. The cleaning rolls are adhesive based. Adhesive rollers collect impurities from white papers before printing. Adhesive rollers must be replaced periodically.

    Regular use of cleaning papers will keep your printer clean and will service important parts of the printer (print head, conveyor rollers and magnetic encoder station).

    Swabs can be used to remove visible deposits from the print head when printing anomalies occur on the paper. It is important to never use a sharp object to scrape deposits from the print head to avoid permanent damages.