SQC VOID argento

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Labels SQC VOID argento

Silver VOID

White colored synthetic labels with black checkerboard release when removed from application. For thermal transfer printing, it requires the use of resin ribbon. Coiling in roll.

Silver VOID

Labels made of synthetic (polyester) white color, permanent adhesive, for thermal transfer printing, requires the use of resin ribbon.
The main feature is the release of a white and black checkerboard for removal from the application (VOID).


Main features
  • Synthetic material (polyester)
  • White
  • Permanent sticker (VOID)
  • For thermal transfer printing
  • Packaging in roll


Uses and applications
  • Security labeling
  • Anti-counterfeiting labeling


Ribbons and Printers
  • Requires the use of resin ribbon
  • Available in variants for desktop, medium and high performance printer models


  • PET silver VOID
  • Roll
Print Type
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Special