SQC carta tyre (roll)

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Labels SQC carta tyre (roll)

Tyre Label (roll)

Tyre Label

Tyre Label

White coated , wood free paper, laminated with an aluminium offering a barrier against migratory constituents of rubber.
This face material can be printed by all common processes including letterpress, flexo, gravure and offset.
This construction has been developed to meet the specific requirements of labels for rough and open-structured tyres and for all rubber products labelling. Prior tests must always be conducted in all cases, and mainly for application on snow tyres, pin tyres, tyres containing silicone.
Permanent rubber based adhesive, specially developed for applications on rubber based substrates. This adhesive with its high coating weight needs some precautions during converting .


  • Tyre paper
  • Roll
Print Type
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Special
  • Critical surfaces
  • Rough surfaces
  • Tires

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    other sizes should be yield, even bigger