Zebra GK420T-HC

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Label Printers Zebra GK420T-HC


Healthcare thermal transfer Printer

Label Printer Zebra GK420T-HC; direct thermal, thermal transfer; LAN/usb; disinfectant resistant casing
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Label Printer Zebra GK420T-HC; direct thermal, thermal transfer; rs-232 serial (db-9)/usb; disinfectant resistant casing
487,96VAT Included
Safeguarding patient health is of utmost importance in the healthcare industry, followed by adhering to compliance standards.
New government regulations impose substantial penalties for non-compliance with patient-safety mandates.
Keeping instruments, tools and products that come into contact with patients clean of any potential germs, blood or other infectious liquids is critical. 
Recommended industrial cleaners can be harsh.
Healthcare facilities need devices that can withstand this regular cleaning so facilities remain compliant with minimal disruption.
Additionally, power supply units for medical electrical equipment used throughout healthcare facilities must be certifi ed to meet IEC 60601-1 specifi cations.
Complying with these standards can be complex and costly.
Protecting patient safety and ensuring compliance with standards just got easier with Zebra’s GK420 Healthcare printers. 
Part of Zebra’s healthcare product line, GK420 Healthcare desktop printers are constructed using durable materials
designed to withstand regular cleaning with harsh disinfectant chemicals over their lifetime.
Engineered for years of performance specifi cally in healthcare environments, these printers come in a colour palette designed for the industry. And, GK420 Healthcare printers are designed with a medicalgrade power supply that meets IEC 60601-1 standards to further protect patient and staff safety by reducing the risk of electrical shock. 
Now, healthcare professionals can print labels and wristbands anywhere in a healthcare facility.


Key features:

  • Print methods: thermal transfer or direct thermal
  • Programming language: EPL and ZPL are
  • Construction: dual-wall frame
  • Tool-less printhead and platen replacement
  • OpenACCESS™ for easy media loading
  • Quick and easy ribbon loading
  • Auto-calibration of media
  • Triple connectivity: USB, Parallel, Serial
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified


  • Medication identifi cation in the pharmacy
  • Sample processing and slide labelling in the lab
  • Tissue identifi cation and implant tracking in the surgery centre
  • Blood bank labelling
  • Breast milk bank labelling
  • Medical records labelling
  • Compliance labelling
  • Asset identifi cation and tracking
  • Desktop
  • Direct Thermal
  • Thermal Transfer
Label Widht
  • 102 mm
  • Free (on-line)
Media Type
  • Cards
  • Collars
  • Fanfold
  • Label
  • Roll paper
  • Wristband