Honeywell Metrologic Xenon 1902gER

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Barcode Scanners Honeywell Metrologic Xenon 1902gER

Xenon 1902gER

Xenon 1902g ER - Scanner area imaging wireless (Extended Range)

Barcode Scanner Honeywell-Xenon 1902gER; bluetooth, hand held
554,11VAT Included
Barcode Scanner Honeywell-Xenon 1902gER; bluetooth, hand held
550,54VAT Included

Xenon 1902gER (Extended Range)

Xenon 1902, the sixth generation of Honeywell area imaging devices, sets new standards for portable scanners. Equipped with a personalized sensor for scanning barcodes, Xenon 1902 scanners provide state-of-the-art performance and reliability for a wide range of applications that require the versatility of imaging technology, coupled with the freedom of Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
Thanks to the Adaptus Imaging 6.0 technology, the Xenon 1902 scanners allow barcoding scans and digital image captures of superior quality.
The Xenon 1902 scanners incorporate a revolutionary decoding architecture that combines Adaptus Imaging 5.5 technology, Omniplanar's SwiftDecoder software, and a custom sensor, providing greater depth of field and read speed, as well as better scanning performance even with poor barcodes quality.
From linear to two-dimensional barcodes that are displayed directly on the screen of a mobile device, the Xenon 1902 virtually decodes virtually all types of barcodes easily.


  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth Class 2 2.1 connectivity allows you to move up to 10 meters from the base, reduce interference with other wireless systems and total property costs, allowing a maximum of 7 imagers to communicate with a single base;
  • Long-life lithium battery: Up to 50,000 scans for each full charge, ensuring maximum productivity;
  • Flexible power management: allows the user to limit the radio output power of the scanner, minimizing the risk of interference with other devices;
  • Image Processing Software: Provides advanced processing capabilities (cropping, brightness, rotation, definition, etc.) to produce superior digital images;
  • TotalFreedom 2.0: This second generation development platform allows you to load and connect multiple applications to the scanner, improving image processing, decoding and formatting capabilities and eliminating the need for changes to the host system;
  • Remote Scanner Management Software MasterMind: A quick and practical solution for IT administrators who want to manage all network scanners from a single remote location.


  • The new space-saving design integrates all the essential components, eliminating the need for connectors: a more reliable design with fewer components that reduces downtime and facilitates maintenance, thus boosting productivity. The compact shape makes the Xenon 1902 suitable for the handle of any operator, which is thus facilitated in the performance of his duties.
  • Designed for a long lifespan, the Xenon 1902 can withstand over 50 drops of cement at a height of 1.8 meters. The degree of protection IP41 is further protection. Equipped with a robust design and a 3-year warranty, the Xenon 1902 is designed to deliver excellent performance over the years.



Xenon 1902gER

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